Happy Thanksgiving

Can we just take a second to admire the greatness that is Thanksgiving ? I mean, how could anyone not love the massive amounts of food you get to eat on this day; with the best part being: no judgement. You get to be around all of the people you love, and literally eat until you absolutely can’t any longer.

Personally, I’ve always loved Thanksgiving (if you couldn’t already tell). Mainly because food is one of my biggest loves in life. The warm turkey, the savory stuffing, the juicy gravy.. the MAGNIFICENT, delectable cranberry sauce. I’ve come across a lot of people in my short lifetime that hate cranberry sauce. Can you believe that ? That’s the second most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Almost as absurd as people hating Whoppers. Who are these people and where did they get their taste buds from ? Mars ?

I feel really sad when I start to think of all the people who don’t have families to spend this wonderful holiday with. I’d assume that for them, this day would be a least favorite. I lost my grandmother a couple of months back and it was hard not having her there this year. It felt like a huge part of the day was missing. If it felt that sad with only one person missing, I can imagine it being a whole lot harder without your whole family. It makes me realize how grateful I am to have the family I have; to be able to look forward to this day all year-long, and want to spend every second of it with the people I love.

I am thankful for a lot of things today. I’m thankful for my family (obviously). Especially my mom who has come to be one of my best friends these last couple years. And speaking of friends, I’m very grateful for the ones I have and treasure. I don’t let a lot of people into my friendship zone, mainly because I’m completely satisfied with the ones I have. I couldn’t imagine them not being in my life to help make me, me. I’m very thankful for my wonderful puppy who brings me joy, even when she is yipping the entire hour car ride to my family’s house. In the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am also thankful for all of the basic stuff, like: the house I have, the skills I have learned, my health, yadda yadda yadda.

Most importantly though, I am beyond thankful for my boyfriend. Not too long ago I was in a very long and painful situation that just wouldn’t end, but needed to. At the time I knew a better situation would come along, but I didn’t realize how much better life could be. I’ve never felt a love like the love I have now. I wake up everyday and think of how thankful I am to have found someone who fits me so well. Someone I deeply care about and share the same values with. Someone who loves me unconditionally and treats me better than I’d ever dreamed of being treated. Not many people can say they have what I have, and for that I am eternally grateful.

To continue a little on this subject: something that always comes back to me is the feeling I get when watching romantic movies. In the past, I had never really felt anything watching them. The main character’s spouse would die or they’d be broken up with or maybe they would find the love of their life, and I would feel nothing. I felt empty watching those movies, I didn’t really like them. I had been in love before. I just honestly didn’t realize that while watching those scenes I was supposed to feel any other way than what I can only describe as monotone feelings. Until now. Now I watch other couples and instantly miss my love. Sadness and happiness fills me while watching those sappy, dramatic scenes. And as little as it may be, it makes me feel complete to have these feelings and be happy for other people, even if they are fictional characters.

I seriously cannot state enough just how happy I am with the people I have in my life. This has been a great year so far despite some ups and downs, but I’m happy where I am now.  With some minor changes that will come in time, my life will be perfect. And for that, I could not be more thankful.


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