One Year Anniversary On Wordpress

Hi fellow writers/friends,

Yesterday was my birthday. Which made me realize that I started WordPress almost a year ago already. It’s funny how time flies. The entire point of joining this site was so I could go back and see the things I wrote/did over the year. Unfortunately, I didn’t write as much as I’d liked to.. but I did more than the previous year… so that’s a start ! I did however, continue to post a video every week. Even on weeks where I was sick or did NOT feel like posting. That to me is a personal achievement in it’s own.

I’ve had a pretty good year. I took a survey around this time last year to see how much I’ve changed and I’d say I’m 99% the same. This, despite others’ thoughts, is excellent for me. Mainly because I remember being extremely happy with life this time, last year. But let’s reflect on some of the cool things that have happened to me over the last 365 days (in no particular order):

1. Being featured in People Magazine.

I would say this was a HUGE highlight of my year, maybe even life. I remember not even knowing I was in there and accidentally stumbling upon an article titled “10 Cover Song Pros You Should Be Following On Instagram”. As I scrolled down the list I remember thinking, “Man, I wish I was on here. How cool would that be!” Then, at the very end, was me. LIKE WHAT. I never in my life would’ve thought I’d be on there. I’d have thought that they would’ve asked to use my profile, but APPARENTLY the people at People do whatever they please. Jokes. That was a great day. Even if I die tomorrow, not many regular people can say they were featured in a top magazine. And on top of that be called a PRO. What is life even anymore. I don’t know (said in Owen Wilson’s voice). Moving On. CLICK HERE TO SEE

2. Winning Star Central Magazine “Female Youtube Artist of the Month”

This came before People Magazine and I remember being so honored that someone thought I was good enough to compete in a contest. On top of that, they narrowed down a lot of people and then picked ME to actually compete at the end. And THEN I won the whole thing. Which is crazy because I had about half the followers that the other two girls had. One basically had her own tour going on and the other was out and about making a name for herself. Then there’s little old me, singing once a week in my kitchen with my broken mic stand and iPhone camera. I’m still just so blown away and grateful for everyone who voted. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

3. Hitting over 10k on Instagram

This one was just a little perk I thought was neat. I think Instagram is my most followed account and I have gotten a lot of awesome followers on there who say the nicest things. It’s made me want to post more and gave me a little more hope that maybe one day I can make a career out of this thing called the interwebs.

4. My GBFK announcing she’s having a baby

If you’re somebody who doesn’t know me directly you might be confused by this item on my list. Actually.. even if you know me, you might be confused as well. (I have been known to despise children and poison their cereal, trip them in hallways, etc.) JK… a little. Anyway, this one is important to me just because I have so much love for her. If you are a newb, a GBFK means Great Best Friend Katherine. It makes me happy that new things are to come in our friendship. For one, I am the godfather. Yes, I said godfather. This means I get to smoke cigars, cut off horse heads, and have a cat permanently in my lap. So I accepted this title with arms wide open. I’m excited to get close to this little being and have some sort of impact on it’s life. I’m also just super excited to see her living her dream.

5. Hitting a great spot in my love life

This one I didn’t have a great title for. I thought for a moment and then decided to just move on. What I mean by this item, is that I’ve finally hit that comfortable level of being with my boyfriend. I think usually people go through rockiness after a couple years, but lucky for me, I got that all over with in the beginning. And when I say this, I say it lightly because it wasn’t even rocky. Just took a little bit of time to get to know EVERTHING and become a team. Everyday I wake up and feel like I’m still in that puppy love stage where you daydream about them constantly and crave their presence. I feel really lucky for this because I know we are a great team. We balance each other out in the best way and I can’t say I’ve ever had a more peaceful, easy, trusting relationship. (Every year this has been something I’m super grateful for, but this year is extra special to me).

6. Improving musically 

There are days, like I assume everyone has, where I feel like I just suck. I think “what the hell is wrong with me where I can’t get my fingers to concentrate or get my attention to focus on what I’m doing.” Then I calmly have to remind myself that I basically learn a song in one day. Which is a hard thing to do. If you aren’t convinced, try doing it. Try doing it every week for an entire year. The thing is, I don’t practice enough. I need to start making it easier on myself and using the entire week to prepare but I haven’t gotten that down yet. I HAVE, on the other hand, improved in my playing and system this year. I definitely can feel myself getting better. I can only imagine how much I’d improve if I actually practiced like I should. (We’ll save that for next year’s goal).

7. Receiving fan messages

This is such a cool feeling. I don’t think I can even express it to other people. I don’t even understand half the time what I did to deserve it. It’s bizarre to me, because everyone can sing. Everyone is out there doing what I am and a lot of them are even better than me. And yet all of these people are sending me messages basically in tears at the fact that I responded to them. Isn’t this something that only happens to people like Katy Perry or Demi Lovato? And yet people are sending me messages about how inspiring I am, tagging me in photos saying they’ve been practicing music to my videos all day, making fan pages of me and re-posting my photos. If this is what people do when you are a nobody making average videos in your kitchen, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a real celebrity. Don’t worry friends, I’m not getting ahead of myself. But it’s just a really cool feeling. I wish I could just meet all of them and bake them a cake or something.

I could keep going, but I’ve already hit over 1,000 words and seven is lucky. If you’re still reading this, GET A LIFE WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. Just kidding. Keep reading forever and ever. It’s fun to look back on some cool parts of my life in a year. Of course I can’t list everything, but to name a few more: Getting on iTunes, Getting my first Youtube paycheck, Getting recognized in public. Okay, okay I have to stop now. I promise. I’ll stop bragging about my year and rubbing it in all your faces how cool it was. I just want to end this saying that once again, I’m overly happy with my life. The stars are all lined up outside my window, my cup runneth over with chocolate milk, four leaf clovers are growing from my scalp. I couldn’t ask for more. I have the nicest people inspiring me everyday to keep doing this and I have the best people in my life to enjoy it with. FIN.


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